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Asthma & allergy care

If your child is suffering from asthma or you are concerned that ongoing sniffles, sore throats or other symptoms could be indicators of allergies, the providers at Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics are here to provide the care and guidance your child needs.

Asthma care

Pediatric asthma is a condition where a child's airways become inflamed when exposed to certain triggers or in the presence of a respiratory infection. Asthma symptoms including wheezing and shortness of breath can interfere with your child's ability to participate in daily activities. If left unmanaged, this inflammation can lead to dangerous asthma attacks.

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, the providers at Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics are here to help with maintenance of the condition, including monitoring the progression of the illness and the effectiveness of treatments. We will work closely with any other providers your child is seeing to ensure that asthma treatment is as effective as possible.

Allergy care

Millions of children have allergies. These overreactions of the body's immune system can range from mild to life-threatening, and can be triggered by everything from pollen to dust to certain foods. If you are concerned your child's stuffy nose, watery eyes or scratchy throat is more than just a virus, it might be time to investigate whether an allergic reaction is to blame.

The providers at Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics regularly diagnose allergies and work with pediatric patients to avoid allergens or control allergic reactions. We will also work closely with allergists or other providers involved in your child's care to determine the best course of treatment and how well medications or other treatment plans are working.